English Summer Micropoem14

An article that I came across this week talks about the benefits of side projects and creative activities. We can get weighed down by day to day work and creative activities replenish us and improve our performance in other areas of our lives. It can be difficult to find time for these creative activities but we benefit when we engage in them.

Recently, I rediscoved that I enjoy writing as a side project – one which is just for leisure. I entered in the Centre for New Writing’s Micopoem competition. This was a competition for a Tweeted poem on the theme of ‘English Summer’. Poems were tweeted between July 7th and 14th with the hashtag #micropoem14.

I was delighted to learn (via Twitter of course) that my micropoem had won joint third prize. The winning poems are published in the excellent online journal the Manchester Review. I enjoyed reading the other entries and the winning entries are really excellent in conjuring up images of Summer. Interesting that two of them feature rain and the other two include pools.

I have really enjoyed reading the other poems and making contact with the poets. Josephine Corcoran put together this hilarious recording of her micropoem – as in ‘how not to record a poem’. It really shows that there is no substitute for hearing the poet reading their own work.

Inspired by this, I have created a video of my micropoem here. Only 17 seconds – Enjoy!

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4 Responses to English Summer Micropoem14

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Therese, and congratulations on a far more successful recording than mine!

    • Your recording makes me realise what fun your picnic was Josephine, thanks for that 😉
      I was learning about the technology when creating my recording, it’s the first one that I have done using Explain Everything on iPad.
      Also, I am learning about blogging, I didn’t realise that you got a message if someone linked to your blog. Great to read more about your work 🙂

  2. Now I discover ‘pingback’. Peter Fenn’s blog is here Josephine http://peterfenn2014.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/the-two-cultures/
    He asks a question about how to encourage poets to have an engineering side project. Your views appreciated.

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